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Eating spoons

There is a long history of wooden eating spoons. This has resulted in lots of different designs from all around the world. The three that have particular influenced my work are Swedish eating spoons, Welsh Dolphin spoons and the fig spoon. I take aspects of these spoon forms and use them to inform my spoon design, always focusing on balancing the beauty of the spoon with function and practicality. I do not have a favourite shape of spoon to carve, it all depends on the wood I am using and the mood I am in.

I carved my first spoon whilst working at Glastonbury festival in 2010 with my mother in law. I was not instantly hooked but spent the next few years carving the occasional spoon with family. Six years ago I was bought my first axe and since then I have dedicated more and more time to carving. 


Over the years I have done courses with a number of well respected spoon carvers and made friends in the spoon carving world. The combination of attending courses and sitting with friends carving has all influenced my work and I am please to say my work is always evolving.

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