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I studied my Art Foundation at Coleg Menai in North Wales. On this course a great emphasis was placed on observational drawing and mark making. It was on my Art Foundation that I discovered my love of drawing and in particular fine line drawing. This originally took me down the path of Embroidery and I studied Embroidery at Manchester  School of Art.  


Once I started spoon carving it didn't take me long to find the work of Adam Hawker, a very well respected spoon carver who uses Kolrosing to decorate the handles of his spoons. I also found the work of Sam Cooper inspiring as he was Kolrosing more free hand designs and mandala patterns which were closer to my drawing style.

It is important for me to have at least one sketchbook that I am working in. I use my sketchbooks to work out spoon form and profiles and design Kolrosing ideas. I always keep a tiny sketchbook in my bag so that I can capture ideas and observations in the moment, this is often where the most exciting ideas originate.

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